Short hair - styling features

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Styling for short hair to create a stylish haircut, over which do not have every morning for half an hour to work with a hairdryer, curling irons and varnish in her hands.

Generally, with the question of whether you can make long-term stacking, or until better to wait, you should see a specialist, but there are some cases where the majority of masters recommend to refrain from this procedure.

First, long-term stacking is not worth doing for women with very weak, brittle, damaged and, especially, falling hair. Carving can greatly exacerbate these problems. Even women with healthy hair within a few weeks before the procedure is recommended to carefully take care of them - every time after shampooing to use air conditioning, at least three times a week to do a mask to carry out deep conditioning hair.

Second, long-term stacking is not suitable for those who have hair shorter than ten centimeters.
Third, it should not be done during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstruation. It is assumed that due to the nature of hormonal levels in women during these periods laying a less resistant.

Laying procedure and results

In general, long-term placement procedure is very similar to a perm. Applied to clean hair liquid under the influence of the disulfide bonds which are responsible for a certain form of hair become less strong. Then make the styling, especially where the client negotiates with the master before the procedure. Using the technique of long-term placement can lift the hair at the roots, structured layers haircuts, bangs and curl the hair ends. The result of the procedure can be as elegant classic bob stacked soft waves and playful pixie haircut with protruding strands in different directions.

Perm short hair is often associated with black women, many of whom appreciate hairstyles primarily convenience and practicality. And what about the long-term placement? This relatively new procedure has managed to gain many fans. One reason for this - the widespread belief that long-term stacking, or carving, safe for the hair. In fact it is not - any hair treatment potent chemicals can cause damage, dryness, the appearance of split ends and other problems. However, the popularity of carving and has a well-founded reasons. Carving - a real godsend for those who have a permanent deficit of free time, and who wants to look great, spending a minimum of effort.

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